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#texturing #logo #illustration

Cøøk the dødø

#logo #illustration #texturing

Cøøk the dødø

Cøøk the dødø

This is a runner game in which we embody a crazy dodo living on a paradise  island. The goal is about to flee humans, running and avoiding the traps on your path. My role on this project was to create the logo/main menu of Cook The Dodo and texturing of the main character.

The Team

CTD is the product of collaboration between 7 teammates were living in various places around the world. Realesed in 2015 and co-developped by Arnaud BRU (United Arab Emirates) game design and programming / Bruno LEGROS (Reunion Island) design, modeling and animation of the dodo / Guillaume ADAMJEE (Canada) 3D Environment / Joseph RAHAMEFY (Guyana) music / Rodolphe BAX (Reunion Island) GUI / Stephane PAYET (Reunion Island) official  trailer / and mysel (France).

Cook The Dodo
Lire la vidéo


The game is free and available on all devices. 

Cool features :

-Easy and simple controls

-Slow motion in game

-World ranking




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