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Advienne Que Pera

Cover art and social media campaign for a musical project.

"Genkidama" is a musical project led by Kyo Itachi and incubated on the platform of crowdfunfing called Diggers Factory. This is a platform where people decides to give life to your project by crossing a stage of pre-order. For the release of this project, we required 300 pre-order for the first stage. We had a successful campaign and crushed the score with 380 pre-order. 

Kamehameha House.


Genkidama has a mixed culture and is timeless. I used different art references and cultures like sampling or creating soundscapes.


"Genkidama" is combination of good vibrations and powerful spirits who want to keep alive this old culture from the street. Hiphop can make it happen.


This is one track from the huge triple vinyl.

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