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Mama Vøødøø

This is a free mobile game available on Android developed by Pixel Sunset Studio and designed by myself (Logo, Environment, and Game User Interface). You have to catch good candies in your bag and dodge mutant candies to grow your score. There is an increasing difficulty, this kind of game easy to start but hard to master.


In Mama Voodoo there are a lot of candies typical of Reunion Island and all other are part of creole kids culture.

I made a list of the candies with their name :

LIFE - Bonbon miel

01 - Bonbon tamarin

02 - Colle coco

03 - Nougatine

04 - Bonbon millet

05 - Bonbon la rouroute

06 - Pralines

07 - Sorbet tamarin

08 - Napolitaine

09 - Biscotins

10 - Margouillat

(doesn't exist yet)

11 - Chocolate

from Réunion Island

12 - Pâte tamarin

13 - Chewing gum

14 - Chemin de fer

15 - White chocolate bar

16 - Pastille

User Interface

It’s a game for all ages released just for Halloween. All the game is about childhood memories. I tried to find what is common to all the fears of the world. In the design of Mama Voodoo, our fears are hidden in shadow or in our past. The scariest things live through the unknown and distorted reality but our best memories stay colorful.


I got my inspiration from Reunion Island where I come from. This tropical island have many exotic horror stories and characters. Mama Voodoo is an odd to one of this characters called “Gran Mèr Kal”.


The game is free and available on Android.


Cool factors :

- Intuitive controls with accelerometer

- Develops reflexes and visual activity

- Incruising difficulty

- Worldwide leaderboard



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