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Little Knight's


Little Knight’s Adventure is finally released ! This board game is the result of a collaboration with only two guys. Arnaud Bru (Pixel Sunset Studio) for the amazing game design and myself for all graphics (Logo, visual identity, cover art, booklet, illustrations and announcement). Today I’m proud to share with you my work on this pretty cool project of a board game but it’s even better when you have it in your hands and playing it with friends or family.



Little Knight’s Adventure takes his inspiration from RPG. You can improve your stuff, reach the dungeons for loot, challenge your opponent to a duel and more surprises in gameplay that you still have to discover.

Who’s the real dragon ? 
This board game reveals the real personality of people and this is pretty funny. There is an armor set for all the 6 players but only 2 shields and 2 swords with the aim of fighting the dragon and win the game. You can choose allies or challenge the world alone like a dragon. This board game reveal new reactions from your fellows and sometimes it just reconfirm personality of each other. Are you the barbarian ? the amazon ? the intrepid ? or the flair ? So my advice : “Be close to your friends but even more to your enemies”. Because adventure goes from surprise to surprise and until the end we never know who will be the one, the unique, the new king.

You can choose your own adventure. With the huge map of Little Knight's Adventure, you are free to move everywhere on the board and start to reach any dungeon. But take care of the level of the dungeon. If you don’t have enough strength to reach a dungeon, you go to the cemetery. The choice is yours.



The King is dead! The castle is now controlled by the terrible dragon, and the kingdom is going through a very dark period. Explore the world in search of powerful weapons and armor. Be the first to triumph over the dragon and become the new sovereign!

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